Another Late Start

                                                     Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Sweet is the smile of home; the mutual look
When hearts are of each other sure;
Sweet all the joys that crowd the household nook,
The haunt of all affections pure.

Again, I woke up later than expected. This morning, I had a Women's Bible Study (Beth Moore) and of course, my homework only half completed. I still went, because you see, I have learned that none of these women are perfect. They probably didn't finish their homework, either. 

We belong to this huge Church in a very affluent area in the suburbs. Majority of the congregation are also affluent and I'm from the other side of the tracks. I think I'm the only one in my group who actually goes to work. Not that there is anything wrong with any of it. It's just that I've always felt different from the average woman. 

It seems that lately I have been getting up later and staying up longer. There's something about the Fall and Winter Season where we're not as active. Our bodies want to burrow. We want to stay in, snuggle up in our pajammies, drinking hot chocolate or hot tea. It's the lack of sun that does it. 

I did do some Christmas shopping, all by chance. You know how you see something in the store that would be perfect for a certain person in your life? So I was happy to be able to purchase some gifts ahead of time. I also bought my Christmas cards. Not many people bother with sending out cards anymore. Which is sad to me, because it is nice to receive things in the mail. To actually hold something in your hands from someone else. 

I am on the lookout for some comfortable lounge pants to wear around the house. Mentioning this to Emily, she did remind me about a Christmas plaid pair I owned a few years back that I never took off. I think she's exaggerating a little here. I didn't wear them to work, for heaven's sake! And I did wash them!

That was my morning before I left for work. The floor needed a scrubbing and a pot or two was left in the sink, but well, tomorrow's another day! And how was your day?

Have a blessed day everyone.


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