Simply Water

                                                          Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

I stretch my hands out in the empty air;
I strain my eyes into the heavy night;
Blackness of darkness!--Father, hear my prayer;
Grant me to see the light!
--George Arnold.

I love water, but it wasn't always the case. When I was going through cancer treatment for the first time, the insurance nurse sent me a cookbook. It wasn't just any ordinary type of cookbook. This one had a list of symptoms and for each symptom a list of different recipes we could eat to help combat that side effect. I've noticed that water was listed to each and every side effect. Now, to me that meant something. It had to work great and it has. 

Ever since then, a day doesn't go by where I'm not drinking my jug of water. Yes, I said jug. I have two orange juice bottles that I've cleaned out and saved. I fill them up halfway with water and freeze them. The next day, I take one jug out and fill the rest of it up with more water. That's my jug for work. I have two so I never quite run out. There's always one  in the freezer ready to go when I need it. 

I wanted to post some links or at least list some of these benefits, but there were so many of them. Just google water and watch an explosion of information pop up, page after page. Now, I know that many people don't like to drink water. You can add apple cider vinegar, slices of fresh fruit and even fresh sprigs of herbs like mint. 

I can only tell you of my own experiences. Every time I don't feel well because I overate or I'm bloated, even nauseous, I immediately keep drinking water. It really helps. If you don't feel well, period, flush out the toxins with water. Another trick is the temperature of the water. It has to be really cold to taste good. No one likes tepid water to drink. I think this is the main problem why people don't enjoy water. It's not cold enough. 

Again, I love, love to drink this stuff. I have truly changed my habits regarding what I drink. There was a time where I only drank coffee all day long. Coffee, nowadays, is only for mornings with an occasional cup at night. I care very much what I put in my body and of the effects it has on it. I hope you, too, will give it a go.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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