The Mundane Things

                                                       Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

When over the fair fame of friend or foe
The shadow of disgrace shall fall; instead
Of words to blame, or reproof of thus and so,
Let something good be said.
Forget not that no fellow-being yet
May fall so low but love may lift his head;
Even the cheek of shame with tears is wet
If something good be said.
--Author unknown.

I woke up late this morning, all intention of an early start gone out the window. I overslept, groggy and barely awake, I noticed the time on my phone stated a whole hour behind. Did the daylight savings change already happened last night? No, it couldn't have! Jumping out of bed, I hurriedly got dressed and headed out the door with a cup of coffee in my hand. I should have been at my mom's already.

I try to head out by her at least once a week either to take her shopping or do errands. Today was just a simple visit, working on her puzzle. There is always a meal ready for me no matter if it's breakfast time or not. Let's not forget a shopping bag full of cooked food ready by the door for me. 

My weekend wasn't anything particularly spectacular. In fact, not really much had happened, but a bunch of mundane chores. It's that time of the year where I prep. Once you  have owned a home, it's in you to do so even if you live in an apartment. I winterized my windows every year. I like warmth in the Winter, not drafts. And that's what I did this weekend. 

Same thing with my car. I filled my tires with the appropriate tire pressure and vacuumed inside. I recently bought new plastic mats so the inside looks pretty nifty. I also took her in to have the cabin air checked. For some reason, it has been going out on me. I did have a new filter changed a few weeks ago, but apparently they couldn't find anything wrong at first glance. Whenever I have someone take a look, the air is working perfectly. I did end up making an appointment to leave the car for a thorough check this coming weekend. Maybe, it will go out again at the opportune moment and they can finally figure out what is wrong. 

Would you know it that it's been working fine thus far? Now, I'm debating if I should leave it alone or not? I really don't want to be spending my day going back and forth on the bus for nothing. Maybe, I should wait until it goes out completely.
Right now, the car has been heating up a storm, nice and toasty. 

On the flip side. We have this huge store here that has a great selection of teas. An entire aisle on both sides has been designated for tea. I spent a delightful 30 minutes checking out the entire display. They have teas for every ailment known to men. Since I was there for the purpose of stocking up for our Winter stash, my basket was overflowing with herbal tea by the time I left the store. 

As you must have figured out, we are tea lovers. Emily alone has drank green tea since a little girl. Her body is so accustomed to green tea that if she misses her dosage for the day, she is totally in a bad mood! All out of sorts for sure. Winter time around here means plenty of tea is brewing throughout the day. I'm seriously thinking of growing my own mint in the Summer and drying the herb to make my own tea. 

That was my weekend. Nothing really spectacular happened, but the mundane chores. 

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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