October Days

                                                                      Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                      everyday is a journey.

 I sometimes feel the thread of life is slender,
  And soon with me the labor will be wrought;
  Then grows my heart to other hearts more tender.
    The time is short.

October began a little glum. As the Fall Season was becoming colder, the pressure of preparing for the upcoming months mounted on the severe. I have spent a very leisurely Summer sleeping in and avoiding certain tasks. It was glorious, but it was time to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

Sometimes, no matter how much we try, we just cannot get anything done. Take this morning, I got up very bright and early (6 a.m.) itching to get started. I had my bagel and coffee for breakfast, cleaned up a bit in the kitchen from the night before and headed downstairs with the laundry. When the washing machine finished, I discovered the dryer was full with one of my neighbors clothes. They never emptied the dryer from the night before. 

I sighed heavily. Knowing fully well who was responsible, I debated whether or not to go knocking on their door. Do I cause an incident with a difficult neighbor? Or just move on? I decided to wait. I waited and I waited, all hopes of having my laundry done this morning vanishing quickly. I would be lucky if I finished this one load. I ended up hanging the laundry to dry in the bathroom while I went to work. 

This month has been an irritating month with more disturbances than usual. Even my internet connections haven't been working all too well, maybe from all the storms? Same for cancellations with family and friends, as we all try to find some free time in our busyness. It really has been difficult. I don't really know why we all behave so badly at certain times. It's almost as if our bodies know it's the season for abruptness and rudeness. We've all been misbehaving, all of us.

These are the last days of nice weather before the blistery winds and bitter cold sets in. Although, rainy days have been here and that means swollen knees/joints. Here we go again. It's always at night when it's the worst. No, October hasn't been much fun. There is one good thing that has happened. 
                                            Yes, it came in the mail today and I literally cried. I know it may sound silly to most of you, but I feel relieved. I was dreading the upcoming Winter Season at work. The thought of having to walk 3/4 quarters around the building to park my vehicle in the ice and snow, filled my heart with despair. Thank you, Lord, for this simple pleasure. It shall make a huge difference by work. 

Have a Blessed day everyone. 


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