The Strength of Grandmother

Whenever I think of my grandmother Bernice , I think back to the summer when I was 14 years old and spent a month in Poland . That was such a glorious time in my life , living with my grandparents alone on the farm and discovering the beauty of farm living .

My mind drifts to that summer when I first realized her strength . They still had a couple of cows that were taken out to the fields to graze everyday . My grandma would make the trip to milk them out in the open air . On her back she carried a steel milk urn and she , all of sixty ! There were ditches that separated one field from the next . The first time I saw her jump one of those ditches with the urn on her back , I stood there amazed at her strength . How many grandmothers can do that ?

Now , she is 93 years old , living with my Aunt and Uncle in Poland . This past week , she hasn't been feeling well , fighting a virus of some kind . My mind has dwelled  quite abit on her . How would I describe her ? What can I say about her ? She is incredibly strong .

Look at her age . She takes no medication , has had no surgeries  nor any issues with blood pressures , or cholestrol . I don't think she has ever been in a hospital , not even to deliver her children . Now , look at me , half her age . . . .

She is amazing . . . . never have I met a more amazing or strong woman in my life . As the family prepares for the worst this past week , I can't help but wonder if she will surprise all of us yet again with her strength and perserverance and pull through . She might outlive us yet .

Have a Blessed Day everyone .

My dear friends , I wrote that a week ago  and as I have predicted , this incredibly amazing woman is on the mend .


  1. Love this story, Lottie! I can just picture you, at age 14, watching with wide eyes this grandmother from across the sea. You have a link with her that is obvious, because you have inherited her strength, in many ways. Thanks for sharing this glimpse inside your heart!


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