Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Where Is My Heaven?

                                                                  Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                  everyday is a journey.

I have learned, as days have passed me,
Fretting never lifts the load;
And worry, much or little,
Never smooths an irksome road;
For do you know that somehow, always,
Doors are opened, ways are made;
When we work and live in patience
Under all the cross that's laid.

Oh, how I long for Heaven on Earth. A Heaven where peace dwells among every living creature of God. A place where money doesn't exist. People work because they enjoy what they are doing. We all have a purpose in our life and we get to it. 

I often imagine what Heaven will be like. I am comforted by the knowledge that our Lord is preparing a place of peace and sanctity for us. A place where we don't worry about gaining weight or becoming sick. A place where evil doesn't exist, but joy and peace reside. 

When I was young, I was afraid of death. I would seek out fortune tellers, psychics, tarot cards, you name it. I was searching for something that would tell me my life would be fine. My life would be great, a reassurance that my decision making was sound. I could look until the ends of the earth and I would never find that reassurance. Until I gave my life over to Christ. I always believed in God, went to Church regularly, but I never had a relationship with God. There's  a difference. 

Once I realized and accepted that there was a higher being in control of my life, who also watched over me, I began to calm down. I began to rest in Him. Once we know we are safe in someone's arms we can trust, we relax. We know everything will be alright. I feel like that in Christ. My faith is everything to me and I hope that it is to you, too. 

We should not be afraid of dying or going to Heaven. We should be looking forward to that time. Oh, what a glorious time it will be. People may scoff and say, what if it doesn't exist? I rather believe it is than not believe in anything at all. To not have any kind of hope or something to look forward to makes life depressing. How do I want to live out my life? I definitely don't want to be bitter, angry and saddened by life. I want Joy! I want Peace! I want Grace! I want Purpose! How about you?

Have a Blessed day everyone.

The Gratitude Challenge:
I am so glad to have God in my life.

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