Sunday, December 31, 2017

Making Crepes

                                                                        Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                         everyday is a journey.

One family, we dwell in Him;
One church above, beneath;
Though now divided by the stream,--
The narrow stream of death.
One army of the living God,
To His command we bow:
Part of His host has crossed the flood,
And part is crossing now.

I napped today, actually fell asleep on the couch while watching a video. You know how you wake up all of a sudden, sitting up immediately as if you've done something wrong? First thought: What time is it? Second thought: Am I supposed to be somewhere? Third thought: Man, that felt good!

I gave up fighting my body when it comes to naps. Ever since my cancer diagnosis, I've become very aware of what my body is telling me. If it wants a nap, it gets a nap. So I got up, hair all messed up, feeling a little bit cold. It was so cold outside, even with the sun, that I could feel the drafts. Emily messaged me how cold it was at the store with the doors being constantly opened and closed. Winter weather is here. 

I wanted to make crepes today with a ricotta filling. I don't normally make crepes in colder weather. I reserve it for the Summer, usually making a fruit filling and topped with whip cream. Nice and tasty for those hot days when we don't want to use the stove. What changed my mind? The video I was watching before I fell asleep included someone making crepes. I thought, why not?

You see, my being off all this time for the Holidays made me realize a few things. One, we spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen. We prepare the meal, we eat the meal and we clean up after the meal. Oh, let's not forget shopping for the meal. Two, we clean all the time, because we are home all the time. I hate cleaning. Three, in fact, we had a lot of more. More laundry, more of a mess, more togetherness, more time, just plain more of everything.

I had a flashback of years past when my children were little and making dinner on a daily basis was more of a dilemma. What should we have for dinner today? That was a constant question back then. It also became one these past few weeks. So we had crepes with ricotta filling. Now what should we eat tomorrow? Oh, Lord!

Have a blessed day everyone.

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