Waiting For The Shoe To Drop

I couldn't sleep all night. I felt humid, sticky and extremely uncomfortable. No matter what I tried, I couldn't fall asleep and ended up tossing and turning until the alarm beeped in the early morning.

My mind kept racing with all sorts of images, some frightening, some scary, but all worrisome. The devil loves it when we are in this state. He makes sure the crescendo builds to an even higher beat to where we are consumed with a fury of doubt and worry.

That was me last Monday.

You see, I was having a routine Petscan that I've had on numerous occasion. For some reason, panic and fear engulfed me like never before. What normally has been a quiet and relaxing morning spent reading and doing puzzles while I wait for my scan, turned into a nightmare.

One would think there were pins and needles inside of me as I just couldn't sit or lay still for the life of me. The scan itself takes a mere 20 or so minutes and yet, I thought I would literally jump out of my skin. I've never had a more nerve racking petscan than I did that day.

I could feel my blood pressure slowly rise and stress fill my body. But why? Why this time? Silly aren't I? It's just a test. One that I've had numerous times. Oh devil, leave me alone.

Have a blessed day everyone.


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