End Of September

'Tis weary watching wave by wave,
And yet the tide heaves onward;
We climb, like corals, grave by grave,
That pave a pathway sunward.
We're driven back, for our next fray
A newer strength to borrow;
And where the vanguard camps to-day,
The rear shall rest to-morrow.
--Gerald Massey.

Here we are in the last days of September and I've been wondering where they all have gone. It only seems like yesterday that the new school year began and once again I would awaken to the sound of the children waiting for the school bus.

Summer turned into Fall and pretty soon we will see the leaves changing their color and falling to the ground. One can see the squirrels with their mouths full with either a piece of toast or other little tidbit to store for the upcoming months. A change is coming and everyone prepares.

Looking at October's schedule, I feel overwhelmed by all the upcoming activities and duties that need to be done. Between the two of us, we have 7 either doctor or dentist appointments, two birthdays, a crocheting meeting, 4 Sundays of serving, plus countless chores and errands. That's just to mention a few, but who isn't busy these days?

This is a fast paced world that we live in. Just travel on the road and you can see how impatient and angry people have become. It's all about getting there as fast as one can. Hurry, hurry, hurry to our next destination.

While I may not yell or behave as the people on the road, I am guilty of keeping a busy schedule. I love being busy and at times, need to be reminded to spend time with family and friends. I'm always the first one to leave any occasion.

Sitting here, I'm almost ashamed to say it out loud. I just don't linger anymore. I really need to change that. Here I thought I would write about feeling overwhelmed and instead, a realization about myself occurs. I come in, eat something, mingle a little and leave. How is that making meaningful relationships with the people I love?

I've become a fraud! I really, really need to change that. It's so difficult to look in the mirror, isn't it?

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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