The Ministry

It is not what a man does that determines whether his work is sacred or secular, it is why he does it. – A.W. Tozer

Many times I am asked why I have a Ministry or you're still doing that? I guess it's difficult for people to grasp that I'm actually giving these crochet items away to charities and not selling them.  

I knew how to crochet all of my life. I cannot even remember who taught me or when. I'm assuming it was my own mother. I've never used this gift as a young woman. Never made my own children any thing and then suddenly at the age of 42 years, I picked up the hook.

I often wonder why at that time? Was it God?

I picked it up again at one of the worst times of my life and this  simple hook brought me so much pleasure, so much sanity and so much peace.

How can I take money for that?

I hope I can bring that same kind of emotion to other people who are experiencing health struggles in their lives by allowing them to channel their pain into other things such as crafts. Crocheting helps me focus on something other than what I am going through right now. It is peace and serenity. I hope I can bring that experience to you as well.

God gave me another chance. The last thing I want to do is waste it. The Ministry will go on as long as there are people willing to donate yarn to it. God will provide. He always does.

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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