Throwback Thursday

 Oh, I remember this well! Believe it or not, I still haven't gone. It's like all those things we set aside for a spare moment, but that spare moment never becomes available. That card provides an entry fee so I can spend the entire day there lounging around if I want in my bathrobe or I can take a dip in their several types of pools. . . . naked with other women. Somehow, that turns me off.

I could get a massage, but all that is extra. I do plan on going to rest and lounge by crocheting or blogging. Can you imagine that scene? I'm surrounded by all these people and their technology while I crochet?

This post also sets my mind twirling in anticipation of Christmas and the gift giving season. What should I get for the people in my life? After awhile, it certainly feels as if we have exhausted all the great ideas for gift giving. Or how can we top last year's gifts?

Anyway, that's what is on my mind today. Can't believe September is almost over and Christmas will be here in a flash. Are we ready? I'm not so sure.

 I remember a Christmas when my Emily was very small and she decided to give each member of our family a gift . She searched the house for goodies to wrap like an used bar of soap from the bathroom for her grandma . In the kitchen she found a half eaten bag of chips that she wrapped for her brother Joey . You get the picture . Everyone made a huge deal of these used gifts as if they were made of gold . She sat up like a peacock from all that praise .
  That's how we feel about certain gifts we get for others . We can't wait for the person to open it . We are more excited than they are . I mean , look what we found . . . .the perfect gift . I wish someone gave me this gift .
   I received a gift like that from my niece and godson for my birthday ( and their mates ,too ) . Her face was bright and smiling as she gave it to me . You could just see the excitement on her face . Open it ! It was a gift card to a  spa . Yes , even I'm getting excited , but wait ! What is she saying ? Naked ? What ? I have to be naked in the pools with other naked women ? I almost died . What is it about this journey  where everyone wants me doing things I 'm uncomfortable about . Has she spoken with Jesus about me ?
   I don't want to get naked with anyone ...well , maybe a certain man . I have a hard enough time looking in the mirror naked let alone get naked in front of strangers . I have a woman gyno and a pap exam is awkward .
   " Don't worry " , she tells me , "we all have the same thing ". No , we don't . Mine don't look anything like hers . Nothing wrong with her gravity .
    The problem is they spent money . There has to be something I can do there fully clothed . Do I need to get my clothes off to get a pedicure ? Am I being silly ? And I don't want to hear from you young , perky GIRLS . I want to hear from us older WOMEN .
    By the way , Joey ate those chips , used or not .

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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