Top 5 Revisited

My three day weekend was certainly a busy one. Whereas people barbecued, went to the beach or did last minute preparation for the children's first day of school. . . . . .I worked.

I basically locked myself inside the apartment and started on my top 5 most wanted list. Once again, as predicted, I have outreached myself in the planning and was not able to finish everything accordingly.

So what did I finish? Well . . . .

1. I definitely need to make a Fall/Winter schedule for my Ministry. Plus, an outline for our six month General Business Meeting. Of course, that's overdue!

In all honesty, I just made the schedule this morning. As to the outline, I don't plan on having one this time. In fact, I'm planning on winging it.

2. Once again, the hoarder in me needs to unclutter all the clutter in my room. Perhaps even re-arrange some pieces. It's a perpetual struggle with me.

I'm very happy to report that the only thing left are a couple of storage bins to go through, but I did  do everything else in my room, including even changing my curtains for the Fall.

5. This is my favorite. I'm still in transition from my old e-mail into my new e-mail. I keep going back and forth between the two. I think it's time to clear out any outstanding e-mails under the old name.

This took the majority of my 3 day. I could not believe how many files I had nor how many e-mails I needed to transfer. Not to mention, that my internet service was buffering most of the time. So slow! It is finished and I'm operating under my new one.

I do plan on finishing the other two items on my list hopefully by the end of this month. Terrible, isn't it? I love being busy, even though I may complain about it. It provides me with the concept of accomplishment of being active here on Earth. Does that make sense?

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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