Throwback Thursday

I almost forgotten about this post. If I remember correctly, I was home on FMLA for my cancer infusion. It's no wonder that I felt love for mankind, I wasn't around them too much then.

People have always been a struggle for me and running away to hide in the mountains always an appealing thought. Yet, God seems to place me around them all the time. I finally stopped running.

Relationships are difficult because we all are so different with different tastes and dislikes. We have to remember that not everyone out there in the world has the Holy Spirit in them. That's why we need to show them by our actions and words what Christ's love is all about.

Everyday, on my way to work, I recite this prayer: Lord, help me in all I do and say to be a reflection of You. Now, I may not always succeed, but I will never stop trying.


Love Makes The World Go Round

   As I start my fast , I'm full of optimism , hope  and love . Yes , love . Being in seclusion , most of the time , I find it very easy to love people ( hehehe) . It's so easy from a distance . I came across some notes I took two years ago  while watching Dr. Joyce Meyers . I want to share them with all of you . It was based on the series " The Confident Woman " , but I think it's appropriate for my fast .
  1. first of all , love Jesus
  2. you can love people by being understanding
  3. love is merciful and faithful
  4. you don't get character when everything is nice
  5. love is the hardest to get and to maintain
  6. ask yourself what are you doing for others to make things better
  7. you will never fail if you never stop trying
  8. love will cost you something
  9. get out into the world and be a better "bible " to others

    After reading this , I thought , why is this so hard to do ? Sounds simple enough . Why can't we do this ? We are like the people in the desert with Moses walking around  " lost " for forty years . We complain . We moan and groan . We are never happy . We want this and we want that . We get this and we get that and we are still not satisfied . Lord , I just described myself .
    Well , I'm never going to stop trying to improve .I don't want to stop living  or growing . I need to continuously keep growing spiritually Christ . We all need to apply that list to our lives .It's a new year ...a new beginning .

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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