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I really wanted to know what life in a Tiny Home looked like not from the manufacturer's point of view, but from the people actually living there. I subscribed to a few that I found and began reading from their day one until the present.

Two blogs, two completely different outlooks and experiences.

The first one consisted of a young married couple in their early thirties who wanted to simplify their life and not be a slave to bills. They custom ordered their Tiny Home on wheels from a well known manufacturer.

Their main problem involved parking the Tiny Home. They were a couple who wanted to live as close to the city as possible since they both biked to work and stores. Of course, the problem arises with zoning because the Tiny Home isn't categorized as an RV or a home or even a camper. Apparently, all of that depends on what state you live in and also whether it has wheels or not. Every state has their own regulations as to the height, width, parking and even how long one can reside in one for the year.

Needless to say, they moved around quite a bit, finally deciding on their in-law's ranch which was far from the city. Their pipes froze and so did their composted toilet from the outside. They had to haul water from their in-laws. That was their first Winter. Since then , when Winter approaches they rent out a place in the city and return in the Spring.

The second blog involved a young engaged couple in their late twenties who decided to live a self sufficient lifestyle mortgage free. They built their own Tiny Home from scratch using refurbished materials to avoid costs, even involving scavenging escapades. They are just too extreme for me. I may want to live tiny, but that doesn't mean I should give up comfort.

They had no refrigerator or running water. They heated their water for their one gallon shower allowance. Sawdust in the bath toilet, not even a real composting one. Listen, their young and that's wonderful for them, but I'm old and need more comfort.

So far, I wasn't sold on any of the two lifestyles that I read about. It has worked for them because it was made for them. I need to find one for me. The search continues on!

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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