Tamoxifen Symptoms

Of all my treatments, this is one of the easiest and yet challenging. Here it is 11 a.m. and I'm finally getting up to start the day. I have absolutely no energy. I haven't been able to get up at  my regular schedule ever since beginning this treatment.

The same goes in the evening. I'm done as if I have ran a race and finally crossed the finish line. What I need is a nap during the day, but that isn't possible when I'm working 2nd shift. Another symptom happens to be hot flashes, but I've dealt with them for these past eight years so its not  a huge problem.

The leg cramps (charley horses) I've recently have found some home remedies that might help. I went online to Cancer Survivor Network and found a whole group of people who have been on this treatment for years. What I love about this network is that they have experience in this.

One of the solutions was to place  some soap inside a mesh bag and sleep with it around my legs. It is supposed to work well, so I will keep you posted. Also, they have suggested drinking a lot of club soda because of an ingredient it carries.

So I'm just taking it easy, going with the flow. In the past, I would have placed all sorts of judgments and expectations on myself, which would have not been real. I'm going through treatment, even though it is not an infusion and I'm still working, it doesn't lesson the severity of it.

This morning, I lounged around. I knew there were dishes in the sink from last night still. I knew I had calls to make this morning. I also knew my laying in would set me back a bit. . . . but I am also very aware of my body's needs. This isn't my first rodeo, you know.

So I hope everyone will forgive me if I don't call right back or stop over to visit or even when I'm behind with things. I'm just resting.

Have a blessed day everyone.


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