Welcome Me Back, Jesus

The other day, as I was cleaning out some paperwork from boxes, I came across an old poem I've written last year. It was written during a time where I felt a thirst for the Word of God. I felt emptiness and a separation due to many years of serving and not getting enough food to feed my soul. I was hungry for God.

I wrote it on scarp paper at work during a moment where I felt such emptiness. I wanted to be back so desperately within my Father's arms. Hope you enjoy.

Oh, how I miss those days
of complete oneness,
the thrill of running to you
as you await  me with open arms.
Welcome me back, Sweet Jesus,
welcome me back.
Lift me up in Your loving Embrace.
Enfold my soul within Your own.

Pick me up, Lord
I am waiting outside Your door.
Pick me up and dust me off
of all the unclean film
Bathe me in Your love
and dress me in Your Grace.

Lord, bring me back to Your fold
Bring me back out of the
land of bitterness.
Wipe away my tears as I
nestle in the nook of your arms.
Take my hand and never let it go
Lead me where I can feel whole

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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