More Monday Funnies

Between Emily and I, it seems we have spent so much time at the dentist recently. It seems only appropriate that I share the following that I came across the other day.

Amidst all the pain that comes from visiting the dentist, we also need to remember to laugh once in a while, especially with our beautiful set of teeth.

As we have gone through this process, it seems we have enlightened others to remember their own issues and appointments that they need to make with their own choppers. As long as our pain ends up being someone else's gain, it's all in a day's work, folks!

In case you are looking for a dentist, here are some things to check off that list. Have a Blessed day everyone.

How to Choose a Dentist
Never trust a dentist . . .
. . . who wears dentures.
. . . who has hairy knuckles.
. . . whose drill is driven by a system of pulleys connected to three mice on a treadmill.
. . . who sends you a Christmas card and charges you for it.
. . . who chews tobacco and spits the juice into the sink.
. . . who uses the suction hose to empty your pockets.
. . . who is also a barber.
. . . who sprays his equipment with Lysol to sterilize it.
. . . who uses lead for fillings.
You can always trust a dentist . . .
. . . who has never chewed gum.
. . . who looks like Jack Nicholson.
. . . who doesn't ask you questions when your mouth's full.
. . . who puts you to sleep two weeks before your appointment.
. . . who uses a laser instead of a drill.
. . . who cancels your appointment to play tennis.
. . . who has mellow rock piped into his office instead of elevator music.
. . . who doesn't strap you in the chair.


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