Determination At It's Best

People often ask me where I get my energy and my drive for life. Little do they know it's a daily struggle since I am a huge procrastinator. This morning alone, I literally had to talk myself into getting up since some of the errands I needed to do were unpleasant.

As I lay there, willing myself to get up, my mind produced reason after reason why I should leave it until tomorrow. Procrastination being one of my many nemesis.

It has become one of my new projects this year to stop this procrastination from spreading even more. Right along with no more worrying, but leaving it at the feet of Jesus.

 Now that's a tough order to fulfill.

The thing about me that I know is true? I don't give up trying. If one tactic doesn't work, well, I'll think of something else. Giving up is not part of my character.

Yesterday, I overcame my shame by going to the dentist and starting the process to change the status of my health. I struggle like everyone else and try my very best to push myself daily.

Honestly, I cannot wait until Spring comes and my windows can be opened to let in some fresh air. I'm done with this snow, more like piles of ice. Then I will truly feel energetic and ready to tackle anything sent my way.

For now, it's more like push, push and more push.

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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