Living With Cancer

I'm living with cancer, not fighting cancer.
Pam, a breast cancer survivor.

I just love that phrase. There is a new documentary coming up on dealing and living with cancer from Ken Burns on the PBS Channel. Please check your local listings for the timed schedules.

Cancer has definitely changed over the last decade or at least, what we believe cancer to be or how it defines us. No longer is cancer whispered about in dark corners, but brought to the table for a lively discussion.

Survivors are no longer placing their lives on hold, but living out their dreams where quality of life is widely promoted. It's all about the living. How could I not love that?

I am so excited about this new documentary from Ken Burns, because I am so tired of us cancer patients portrayed as weak victims in films and books. We are strong individuals trying to live out the remainders of our life as best as we can.

Another reason, because cancer has become prevalent in our culture. Everyone has either a family member or a friend who has cancer. It is so common nowadays. No longer are we hearing about just breast, cervical or colon cancer, but all kinds like ear, ribs, nose etc. It really has invaded all parts of the human body.

I'm all for educating everyone on healthy living, preventive medicine and open communication, especially regarding women's issues. Let's get out of the shadows of our grandmother's and mother's generation and bring to the table a discussion on what is important to us women. If not for ourselves, at least for our daughters and granddaughters.

Have a blessed day everyone.


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