Staying In

Sometimes, we just want to stay in and chill.

 I have a secret confession to make. Ever since Winter began, I have held a secret wish to stay in snuggled warmly inside my little alcove of an apartment while the snow  falls around us. Not much of that occurred this Winter Season, except for today!

There is something so cozy about a blizzard as long as we aren't in it! Snowfall always looks beautiful from the inside! The children in particular are loving all this snow as snowmen and snow angels are built in a much needed frolicking sessions.

Waking up this morning and looking out my window brought a smile to my face and a little excitement flowed through my veins. Here was that snowstorm I was waiting for and it came on the perfect weekend, too. Monday we are off from work for a shutdown day, so no worries about braving this storm outside on the roads. It couldn't have turned out better.

Even the menu changed from roasted potato wedges and green beans to a good hearty soup with homemade donuts for dessert. Yup! We are settling in for the day, movies and comfort food galore with a good chance of crocheting and an overcast of writing.

Looking out the window now, I can see that others are doing the same. Not a soul out there, only the occasional car can be seem. So settle in, folks, and enjoy the time spent with your families. Happy snowfall day everyone!

Have a blessed day everyone.


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