The Little Things

I had to laugh out loud when I saw this, it's so totally me. I long for the times of sitting back with a glass of each next to my computer as I punch out words that form my thoughts.

All week long at work, I dream of the weekends where I can get away mentally into the things I love. Going out socializing is not a forte of mine any longer. It's not my apartment I love, but the idea of home.

This morning while listening to the sermon, tiredness overcame me. I haven't been sleeping well due to my left leg. The snow, the dampness and the cold bring on the aches and soreness of arthritis. The end result? Tossing and turning all night. I haven't slept well for days.

So I'm sitting and listening to the sermon and feeling so very tired. All I wanted was to sleep. What was the topic for the sermon? Taking the time for rest once a week which was designed for us by God.

Today, I did just that. I lounged around watching television, a little writing, a little crocheting and even took a nap. Everything else will have to wait, for now, we're basking in God's appointed rest.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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