January Madness

It was William Armstrong who wrote:

Back in the house I moved on leaden feet from chore to chore.


January has been a crazy month for both Emily and I. Just thinking about it tires me. From the moment we began our fast, a black cloud hung over us as one set of events fell upon us after another and neither of it was good.

We all have heard the saying," Let your fingers do the walking". Well, mine really have and they were pressing things on the computer that they shouldn't have and I ended up with no computer. What kind of writer has no computer?

At work, it was no different. I've made several mistakes, ended up being called into the office by my supervisor, reprimanded with a write up  which won't be taken off my file for a year. I deserved it.

Emily on the other hand, has had problems with her wisdom tooth. Just get it pulled, right? Not if your waiting on your dental insurance. Talk about red tape! She honestly gave up calling them every day and finally after two whole weeks her card finally arrived in the mail.

In the meantime, my phone suddenly dies. I purchased a new one. Trying to activate it took a whole day and a half as I spoke to customer service in India numerous times. They either had no record of my phone number, or didn't recognize my last four digits of my credit card. Then my birthdate was wrong and so was my zip code. Mind you, I didn't change my carrier, I just changed my phone. Everything went wrong that one could imagine. After all that, they transferred me to technical support which proceeded to find a tower with a signal.

I am not lying, I finally entered The Twilight Zone. My Christian hat lay on the floor when I was done with all of them and satan smiled victoriously. Not my shining moment.

In all my frustration, I decided to do my errands and pick up a gallon of milk. The car didn't start. I calmly went back into the house. Emily's phone rang, it was my carrier. They think my new phone is a factory reject. They will send me a package within two weeks where I can send back my factory reject phone to them. Of course, that will take two weeks, then another 3-5 working days until they process . . . .

I hung up on them.  I called into work, took two days off, and poured a glass of wine. I did nothing, but watch television and crochet, having no intention of coming outdoors until this month ended and February marched in!

After the two days passed, the car started, no problems activating my phone and my computer was fixed.

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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