The 100 Day Project: Day 6 Of Writing

                                                Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey. 

Oh, ask not thou, How shall I bear
    The burden of to-morrow?
  Sufficient for to-day, its care,
    Its evil and its sorrow;
  God imparteth by the way
  Strength sufficient for the day.

I exhaled deeply as a sign of pure relief, walking out of the U.P.S. store. I did it! We did it! We finally cancelled that darn cable for good. What a money pit that was! The receipt in my hand for the receivers, I smiled and lifted my face upwards towards the sky. I could feel the Sun's rays upon my face. It was a lie though, because it still was a chilly Spring morning. 

Becoming debt free has been a goal that Emily and I both have set for ourselves this year. It is not easy, believe me. To achieve this, one has to be ready to make sacrifices. These sacrifices may include living in a not so nice apartment, giving up eating out regularly and things like cable. It is well worth it to us.

There are still many other places we can improve on spending. Just in the everyday expenditures alone, we could be making better decisions. I guess we did not go cold turkey completely. We are spoiled in certain ways like eating good food, internet and our extracurricular activities like my yarn. 

We are getting better all the time in regards to money. Once, our Pastor made a remark that we learn about money in two ways. 1. We learned from our parents. 2. We learned from the school of hard knocks. I learned from number two, but I'm hoping that my daughter will learn from number one. 

I think we spend way too much on things we don't even use on a regular basis. We all live in clutter, don't we? Every drawer, every closet or every space available is full of stuff. Cutting back is something we all could improve on.

Have a blessed day everyone


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