The 100 Day Project: Day 20 Of Writing

                                                              Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

To every man up on this Earth
Death cometh soon or late
And how can man die better
Then facing fearful odds
For the ashes of his fathers
And the temples of his gods
Thomas B. Macaulay

I couldn't sleep last night, waking constantly. My joints ached badly and I absolutely found no relief in the tossing/turning. My nose was stuffed up and I quickly realized that I had allergy symptoms. This certainly was a first for me. Emily gave me one of her allergy pills and almost immediately I felt much better. Then the drowsiness set in and remained for the remainder of the day. 

To say that work was difficult would have been an understatement! My nose and majority of my face was stuffed. All I wanted was to take a nap. When one is not feeling well, everything seems such a hardship. Finally, the night was over and I couldn't wait to get into bed. Thank goodness, it is only a ten minute drive home from work!

This morning, I awakened after a deep, deep sleep. My eyelids seemed glued shut. For someone like me who isn't used to being medicated, I felt as if I had no control. I probably could have slept the day away. That's how strong that medication affected me. Perhaps, that's why I don't like using any forms of it, opting to deal without. 

My friend Marilyn would have said that the fatigue is more from all our cancer treatments rather than the medication. She might be right. I think the medication affected me so strongly, because my body is exhausted and my strength has never really returned. My body has weakened and it will be many years before it is restored. Who knows, it may never be as it was before the cancer. All I know is that I want to go back to bed.

Have a blessed day everyone.


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