Sunday, April 28, 2019

The 100 Day Project: Day 24 Of Writing

                                                                Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Keep me I pray in wisdom's way
that I may truths eternal see
I need protecting care today
my purse is light
my flesh is weak
Eugene Field

I've spent the weekend catching up on some much needed crocheting to fill up the volunteer boxes. That wasn't the only thing I was catching up on. Netflix kept me company while my fingers worked. There is a Finnish detective story I finally caught up with and began a Belgium one. The only problem with them is that there were subtitles. 

I have noticed that there is a commonality between all of these detective stories and it isn't murder. All of them are based in a small town and the leading detective has come home, being rather tired of life in the big city. 

Isn't that funny? When we are young, we cannot wait to get out of the small town and into the big city. We imagine life there to be all we are missing in our hometown. As we age, life beats us up and we cannot wait to get back to that same little town we left. We are done with city living. 

Isn't that true to our own lives? We are no different than those detective stories. We cannot wait to live our life, thinking and acting as if we have all the answers. We don't want anyone telling us what to do. 

Home has always represented a sanctuary to me where I can be all that I want to be without any fear of repercussion. A place where I am accepted for who I am and want to be. No one and nothing can enter to dispense that peace without my approval. No matter how badly my week may turn out, I rush home and bask in it's security. It's no brainier for me to see why people wish to return to where they grew up. Home is where the heart dwells. 

Have a blessed day everyone.

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