The Primary Care

                                                       Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                       everyday is a journey.

My appointment was for 6:20 p.m. It felt so weird to be at the hospital at that time with the halls completely empty. I mean empty. I felt a little better about this appointment since my old doctor was unavailable so they sent me to someone new. What a God moment!

My new Primary Care doctor, let's call her Dr. M., is the best! We had such a good rapport and everything was looking great. All my vitals were excellent. Blood work for liver, kidney and sugar were excellent! Even my thyroid was looking great ( borderline) and didn't need any medication for now. 

She did hear a faint heart murmur which she felt was a coincidence, but still had to be checked out further just to be on the safe side. So another appointment has been made for an Echo (an ultrasound). At least, this next date won't be for a while so I get a small break from doctors. 

The whole point of this visit centered on my EKG or so I thought. After I left, I felt relieved to have set up a new contact with my Primary Care doctor. It's been a long time coming. Here I am preaching all the time about preventive medicine and I myself am guilty of not complying. Well, all of this will change.

If I have learned anything, it's this, things certainly happen for a reason and God knows what He is doing. 

Have a Blessed day everyone. 


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