Friday, August 28, 2015

Visions Of A Tiny House

My Tiny House . . . . . .  in my mind I can see a perfect image of just what I'm looking for, but in reality that's not true. I have checked around for different manufacturers and builders and I don't like anything they have out on the market.

The best thing to do is to build my own. It's also the cheapest way to go. The ones that I liked the best were built by the owners to their specification. Plus, it also came out so much cheaper. I just need to find a contractor that would do it for me.

Let's also remember that is my plan for the future and not for right now. Hopefully, I'll still be around in five years or less to actually realize this dream.

I also need to start thinking in less. The ones I saw furnished after the people moved in looked really cluttered. That is the last thing I need for mine to become. Less is best. The only furniture I want is a couch to sit on and a chair for my folding desk.

So what do I want in my Tiny House?

For my kitchen, I would be happy with one sink, two burner top stove or just a two burner hot plate. Haven't decided totally yet. I will have my small coffeepot, microwave and crockpot. To be able to fit everything in my cupboard, everything would have to be in groups of 4: 4 spoons, 4 bowls, 4 plates etc.

I do want a floor to ceiling pantry of sorts to keep goods in and a small closet to hang my coat. If I could find a small washer/dryer combo I would definitely prefer that to an oven or stove ( that's where the two burner comes in).

The bathroom can be very simple with a shower, tiny sink, a mirror and toilet. Very simple indeed.

In the living room, I want an open concept atmosphere with the flat screen on the wall, a love seat combo with an ottoman and  a collapsible desk/chair in front of a window. I am thinking of having shelving go around the room levelled  with the loft in case I want  a place for my books.

Above the door, perhaps a small loft with a window( more like an oversized ledge) where I can place some nice storage organizers. Above my kitchen would be the sleeping loft with stairs not a ladder and two sky windows. Under the stairs could be the bathroom or closet I was talking about.

On the outside, I would prefer a porch that folds when travelling. Also, a small storage at the other end. That's it, folks. I know all of you think I'm crazy, but I truly believe I could do this. My biggest challenge? Downsizing my belongings. I'm working on it, folks.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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