Saturday, August 15, 2015

It All Began . . .

It all began with a Bridal Shower. I rummaged and rummaged through my wardrobe looking for something appropriate to wear. Or at least, something that would actually fit. The closet, at first glance, appeared to be overflowing with clothes in various prints, textures and colors, but majority of the clothes were either too small or too big. Mostly too small.
Not only were there clothes hanging, but there were boxes, and large bins stacked as high as they possibly could be, on the floor and on the above shelf. Shoes, belts and handbags all tethering, ready for the huge collapse that was surely to come.
You really have to be careful when you open that closet.
You know what happens when you start taking things out and trying them on. A pile forms on the bed, right along with the jewelry case, an assortment of shoes and purses. We're dressed, we're ready to go and leave that big mess for "later".
Well, later comes and we are tired, wanting to just go to sleep. So what do we do? We pile all that stuff into another pile inside the closet and shut the door. We will deal with that later. The only problem is that later happens much later.
So I'm staring at this huge mess inside my closet, not knowing where to start. Everyday, I take a peek inside and everyday, I quietly shut the door, secretly hoping little elves or fairies will show up at night and clean it up.

Honestly, I'm beginning to have doubts about being able to live in a tiny house or RV. I seem to create more work for myself  with these self made hoarding tendencies. Disgusted with myself and lack of organization, I went through all my wardrobe, packing away everything that didn't fit. To charity it goes.

The boxes and other stuff will have to wait, because The Littles are in town. Have a Blessed day everyone.

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