A Distance Between

 Your body, your soul, and your spirit are all tied together.  What you do to one affects the other two.  It affects the whole.
Bayless Conley

Have you ever felt exhausted from everyone else's problems? Have you felt that mental drain, that weight upon your shoulders of the entire world and it's not even your weight?

That's exactly how I feel today. I just want to lock myself away from the phone, social media and people in general. Right now, there is nothing more to give of me. I need rest.

But that's not all. I feel frustration at the reversal that some of my friends are experiencing. They just have gotten themselves out of one mess, became thankful and filled with promises, only to be drifting right back to the same mess as before, but with someone else this time.

Why? How? For what?

This is why I could not make it as a counselor. I become too frustrated with the entire situation. Please don't misunderstand me. I have done many things in life. Some of these things I have repeated over and over again, but there came a time when I woke up to reality.

Why do some people constantly repeat the same mistakes, never learning anything from their struggle? Is it the familiarity? Are they too afraid of the unknown? Or is it the change? We do what we know.

So I pray for them. I listen to them. I try to advise them the best I can. Still they revert to their old ways and the same mistakes. Lord, I am tired. I have no idea how Apostle Paul or Moses had the strength to continue even when discouraged, because that's what I am feeling now . . . . discouragement.

For now, I need to bathe in the love of Jesus and refresh myself in body, mind and spirit.

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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