End Of The Month

If you are like me, you probably cannot believe that July is over and August is upon us. Children are planning on going back to school and suddenly Summer is over. I am always ready for one Season to end while another begins.

I love the diversity that life offers as I cannot stay focused on only one thing. I love being involved in various activities, projects as well as friendships. Even my tastes in food and music ranges from the boring to the extreme. I have no problem with change.

So, it totally baffles me that I cannot seem to adjust to my work situation. I don't think I ever will and I'm exhausted with trying. I think there are situations in life that we just cannot accept, but only tolerate. So I'm tolerating where I am at concerning work. There you have it.

As to my Tiny House, everyone just laughs at this. I'm starting to feel a little put off. What are you implying? I guess I might have too much junk and people seem to think I couldn't fit into a simpler lifestyle.

I have to be honest that I am a little disappointed with my search for floor plans and contractor. I haven't found anything that I really like out there. Even some of the costs seem ridiculous to me. Now, I'm just looking for now, it's just something to look into and see if it is right for me. I will tell you that the idea of not having to worry about things like rent/mortgage, upkeep etc. is very appealing to me. So the search goes on.

Now. . . . I have to be very honest here. My moods have been horrible this past month and I mean horrible. My emotions have been going up and down like crazy. There is a reason, but I will keep that to myself for now.

You know, I'm my worst critic. I say all this, because I feel like I haven't been a good person losing my temper, being irritated and such. How can I call myself a Christian and behave in this matter? Terrible. This entire weekend I am feeling so upset with myself for doing so.

It seems I need to check myself. Have a Blessed day everyone.


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