Throwback Thursday

My feelings regarding fasting have not changed. In fact, fasting is not just for January as the New Year unfolds. Anytime my mind is cluttered with issues and I need clarity and certainty from God in making important decisions, I'll do a fast.

I have been thinking about doing one now. I know myself very well and I am aware of how I react to things. For that reason I need to do one. There are very important things going on in our lives (my children and I) and I want to make sure we stay on track with nothing clouding our decisions.

As always, I welcome any requests. The e-mail has changed so please use this one instead:

A Fast Is A Fast
      Every January , our church has a fast to start off the New Year . We all partake in some sort of fasting  and it  usually lasts the month . This brought on a huge discussion between Emily and I as to what that fast should include .  As usual , She had many ideas on what I should give up but we could not agree on what hers should be .
      I have done many fasts in the past . Always would take on prayer requests from people . The special prayers during the fast would take on an intensifying passion . My mind would be sharper , clearer and always somehow life would take on a more positive attitude . I love fasting ! It purifies your soul .
     I didn't always feel like this . Honestly , I never quite understood why people did them . When I was a Catholic , I've done Lent every year , not eating meat on Friday . Yet , I've never had that sense of fulfillment that I do  now after fasting . It was , actually , this very New Year January fast that my church does that has changed my mind .
   Of  course , I started small by giving up coffee . This year , I wanted to do something extra special along with my giving up sweets . Instead of giving up ,  I want to start doing something during this time that maybe has always been difficult for me . Something I really hate ......I hate exercising !
   If anyone has a prayer request for me to take on , please send me an email at
They will be confidential .

Have a blessed day everyone.


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