A Heart's Choice

Preserve me from my callings snare
and hide my simple heart above
Above the thorns of choking care
They gilded baits of worldly love.

It's so difficult to watch a close friend or family member go through a struggle or a trial. You can see the mental strain  of the fight within, because there is a battle raging between what is right and what is not. One could almost see the struggle the person endures as a decision is being made.

What path will they take?

We want to help, don't we? We want to reach out and guide their way onto the path of their lives. We have been there, we suffered there and we have been liberated, free of the chains of our past.

How can I help?

We so desperately want to make that decision for them, but we know it's all about their heart. They need to make a vow to live better, they need to make a heart choice, I can't make it for them.

Will they fall?

Oh yes, they will fall . . . numerous times. We all have fallen. Just remember one thing, don't forget to get back up! As many times as it takes. Get up!

Jesus is worth it. You are worth it. Looking back, you will wonder how you ever lived without Him.

Have  a blessed day everyone.


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