It Is Amazing . . . . .

It's amazing how our moods can shift from one phase to another. Yesterday, I had a wonderful day spent with my children and grandchildren. Today, is another thing altogether.

I woke up this morning feeling the same as always about each and every new day. . . . in high spirits. My plans were to focus on making one particular church my home. No matter what, I was going to make an effort in connecting into the Body of Christ. Everything went as planned.

It is amazing how quickly our day can go South with no fault of our own. One person can bring back all the struggles, pain and disillusionment from our past that we have worked so hard to overcome.

We all struggle with something. It is not easy to let go permanently of the things that haunt us. The fact that they can re-appear at a moment's notice proves that.

So today, all I want to do is wallow in the things that comfort me. I want to shut the door and not let anyone in, because of the hurt they can cause. Today, I want to laugh at all the stupid things in life they call a comedy.

Tomorrow, tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow will be a brand new day with a brand new start. Just have to get through today. Remember, words are very powerful.

Have a blessed day everyone.


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