Throwback Thursday

It's funny how the small things in life makes one feel loved and appreciated. The simple things we do for one another mean more than any grandeur action. To this day, I can remember and cherish all the thoughtful things that everyone has done for me. If I remember one thing about that time many years ago is that I have never felt more loved by people than I did then. That is a feeling that should be felt by everyone every single day.

True Friends
   Today , I had a lesson in true friends . While I was making copies for Sunday School , my friends kept showing up to wish me a Happy New Year . I love these women . They are ever present in my life . We have shared our children , our stories , our tears . Many a Women's Group lesson that was put away while we shared our problems with one another . These women would do anything for me at the drop of a hat .
  I haven't been around these past two or three weeks to my group . Haven't been feeling well at all .
They've been reading my blog and leaving messages on my phone . Today , one offered to shave her head so I wouldn't feel alone in this . Another , reads my blog everyday and prays according to what my needs are that particular day .
   We have communion once a month and that is one thing I miss while I'm downstairs with the children . That special time taking communion . Right before communion today , one of my friends came down  and offered to take my place while I go upstairs to partake .
  Let's not forget the friend who always sends beautiful  and sometimes hilarious emails to cheer me up . All of these women   mentor my girl . Are there for her as  role models and I know will be there for her when I'm gone .
  All I have to say is I need prayers  and a ricochet effect goes into place . These women are my livelihood . They are my rocks . You know who you are . Know that I love you  and appreciate everything you do for me .

Have a blessed day everyone.


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