Peace & Hope

Of all the things in life I have wished for, one has been peace. Yet, I find it is one of the hardest to attain. Whenever I have felt at peace, things or someone always want to wreck it. Why is that? Why are people so intent on being miserable and making sure that everyone else is too?
I have friends who are absolutely great at maintaining their peace. They see the positive in everything, even those that try to wreck it. They can turn any bad situation into a good one. How do they do that? I've always wanted to grow spiritually in Peace like them.

I have learned that peace is something we have to constantly work towards. It never ends, it never rests. It is work that should continue until we leave this Earth. There are times where I feel I'm on the right track, that's when the devil usually comes in and tries to ruin any progress I have made .

I struggle with this constantly, especially at work. I believe we all have something that brings us to that level, that very state where we crumble all our resolve and our peace is threatened. My place is my workplace. Where is yours?

Hope. . . . Thank goodness that God offers Hope. If I didn't have Him or the Hope of what could be . . . . well, I don't even want to go there. God has been with me from day One and I hope he never leaves me.

 I think we all could use a reminder. Have a blessed day everyone.


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