A Comfortable Place

In  the past couple of years, I have taken the same time off from work, not veering from that schedule. This year, of course, everything has changed much to my dismay, except the 4th of July.
I take off for many reasons, mostly because of appointments, my writing or ministry work. The 4th of July, is the only time that is spent totally in leisure  and relaxation visiting friends.
This year especially, I have been looking forward to this time with anticipation. The weather has been perfect, not too hot nor too cold, but just right for me. Maybe not for everyone else.
I have spent my time with my girlfriends having breakfast, coffee and after dinner get together, catching up on old times. A couple of deliveries here and there. Glorious weather, glorious friends and a glorious time.
Arriving finally home, I walked into the hallways inhaling a wonderful aroma of fresh baked biscuits. I couldn't stop the grumbling of my stomach as it recognized a great and familiar scent of  home baked goods.
Opening the door of my apartment, I realized the smell was coming from inside. Emily baked homemade pretzels and delicious they were.
One can go anywhere in the world, but there is nothing like one's home.
Have a Blessed day everyone.


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