And It Came To Me

I can't remember what it was we were doing yesterday when Emily sat up and remarked:

We are no longer under construction!

She's right! We couldn't remember when it officially ended. We were so surrounded by construction from every angle that I guess we have become immune to it.

The street construction has ended or at least as far as we can tell. The upstairs is finally renovated and tenants have moved in. Even the house across the street has stopped it's hammering, taking the rest of the remodeling indoors.

And then it came to us, it's quiet folks.

As to my leg problem, I've come to realize that when the humidity is at the highest, my leg swells. I could swallow the entire container of pills having no relief at all.

Nowadays, one cannot go to see a doctor and hope to be out within the hour. There is the waiting room, then the other waiting room inside, the taking of the vitals, the intern visit, the doctor appears and finally the receptionist. Hopefully, there is no need for lab work or a visit to the pharmacy.

And then it came to me that any doctor visits regarding my leg will have to wait until the coming Winter. I cannot afford anymore vacation days right now.

Which brings me to my writing. I love to write, especially in the early hours. Every morning, I awaken on my own without an alarm clock with only the birds as my companions. That 's when I'm a real writer. All my creativity flows beautifully, because there are no distractions.

Every single morning, I automatically awaken, but am I writing? No! First, there was no internet connection along with my cable. Something happened, because there were a couple of Comcast trucks parked a block away. Or I have an early appointment or delivery to make. Or the phone rings or Emily wakes early.

And then it came to me. I have a small window of opportunity and if I don't take it, it's over. I need quiet, no interruptions and I need my morning or the muse shuts down for the day. So we wait for the next day to come.

Isn't that where Hope and Faith comes in? Have a blessed day everyone.



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