Looking Back On Sunday

Imagine this scene: You are dying and your children are gathered around your bed looking to have those last moments with you. What words of wisdom would you impart to them before you pass on?

Difficult, isn't it?

This is what happened to me. I wasn't dying, but my Joey asked me for these words of wisdom. Even now, years later, I become tongue tied whenever I try to think of these words of wisdom. I don't think they can be said in a sentence or two. Life is too complicated to be boxed into a granule piece.

I'm truly hoping that my words of wisdom will be these blog posts or any stories I write. I have a friend at work whose mother passed away a few months ago. I can see her longing for her mom's presence. I'm sure that any item of her mom's brings comfort to her now.

That's what I'm aiming for with my written word.

Words Of Wisdom
  First of all , I want to thank everyone for all the kind words of encouragement and prayers that were sent my way yesterday . Yes , it was a very rough day , but I will get through it no matter how defeating I may sound .
  I'm on my way back to the clinic today for my 24 hr. Neulasta shot for my white blood cell count . I'm trying my very best to stay focused on other things in my life . I have plenty to keep me busy . The problem is that when we don't feel well it affects our energy levels and we do nothing but lay around and think of all the pain . I don't want to do that anymore .
  Last night , I kept myself busy as best as I could . It helped a lot . I have all these notes that I've made but never entered into a journal of some sorts . I spent the whole night working on it .
  Re-reading a lot of these very personal and revealing  insights into life , I realized just how much of praying I have done in my life . A lot of these prayers have come true . Another insight is how much I have grown and still need to grow . As I entered all of these private moments and thoughts into a journal for my children , I thought back to the day my son asked me what words of wisdom I wanted to share with him . That day was a day four years ago when things didn't look very promising regarding my health .
  His question really startled me because at that moment I couldn't think of anything to say . He caught me off guard . I don't have all the right answers to what life is about . I don't have the great words of wisdom to live by . I do have my journals , my blogs , my memories and they are welcome to them . Hopefully , they can find some comforting words in there somewhere when the time comes . If any of you could leave words of wisdom for your children , what would these words be ?

Have a blessed day everyone.  


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