Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sharing Your Story

This past Saturday, the  crocheting ministry held it's monthly gathering. Nothing new there. We have been doing so for almost two years now. What was different was the sharing.

We sat on a park bench getting eaten by insects all around us, but that didn't stop the sharing of our lives with one another. We spoke of our marriages, our coming to Christ, our fears for our children, relationships gone bad and my cancer. Basically, we fellowshipped as women with each other.

As I walked away in the latter part of the afternoon that Saturday, I felt so fulfilled and heart happy. I've been silently dreaming for such a thing to happen.  God has been brewing an idea in my head to hold a bible group for women. The only problem? The type of group.

In my mind, I envisioned a gathering of women such as this one where we engage one another with encouragement and understanding. Beth Moore has always been  my inspiration and I love her workbooks, but many feel that's too much homework. Majority of people don't really like homework.

So I'm open to any other suggestions. Also, this is something in the far  future for now, since my availability would only be the weekend. Who would you suggest?

Have a Blessed day everyone.

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