Throwback Thursday

As I recall the eventful day of the story below , I am  filled with a sense of sadness . Everyone has a desire to be remembered in death . I remember this individual quite well and try to instill that memory as an incentive to do and be as Christ-like as I can .

I have failed many times , but I get up and keep on trying . I never want this to become my story . Life is so short . I don't want anyone to experience these feelings at my funeral .

Leaving Something Behind

  A couple years back , I went to a funeral of a woman that wasn't exactly " nice " for  want of a better word . In fact , she was very difficult , negative , never had a good word to say about anyone . It was very hard to be with her and everyone would avoid her as much as they could . People made excuses for her because of her many illnesses .
     As I sat at her funeral , I could not think of one happy moment that I spent with this woman and it shocked me . Why not ? Because she was miserable and made sure everyone around  her was made miserable too . My last memory of her involved her complaining about a baby crying .That's all I could think about sitting in the pew .
     I don't want anyone to ever feel like that about me . If there is one thing I want to leave behind .......its happy memories . What better way of honoring someone then with memories .I want for people to sit around and bring up things we have done together when I'm gone . I want a relationship with every person in  my life .
     I want my children to remember all the things we have done together.Times we have cried together....laughed together and yes, even fought together . Because after each fight we did learn something from it . ....we learned to apologize .

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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