Day Six

Dear Diary ,

I think today was probably one of my favorite day of the week . After a very exhausting day yesterday , today was a lot calmer  and quieter . A lot less  stressful on my old body . 

Since this year we opted to stay home during the summer ,  we made a list of things we wanted to do as a treat that wouldn't hurt our budget . One of the the items on the list was eating out . 

Now that may seem like nothing special to many of people , it is to us . When we made the decision to eating healthier  and living simpler , eating out became limited to certain times a year . Today was the day .

I think we discussed where we would have supper  more fervently than any other subject thus far in our relationship . Since we cook on a daily basis , we wanted something different that we haven't savored yet . 

Sandwiches or burgers were definitely out , we could make that at home . Fast food ? No way ! Emily being a vegetarian ruled out many restaurants who didn't offer a variety of dishes . It's amazing how little there is for vegans or meatless style people ( heehee ) . 

Our choice ended up being Olive Garden . A little pricey , but if one goes out once in a while , it's definitely worth it . Let me tell you , we not only enjoyed that meal , but savored every delicious morsel . 

Of course , working out that night was a real challenge on a full stomach , but we got through it somehow . Off to bed , another active morning tomorrow .

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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