Day Nine

Dear Diary , 

Another early start , this time heading out for morning coffee at Dunkin Donuts with a close friend who needed a chat . Sometimes , we need to think of other's before we think of ourselves . I'm so attuned to her that I can almost feel when she needs me . 

Usually we have our cuppa at my place , crocheting and chatting for hours . This morning we had to cut it short to only two hours , it was going to the movies day . 

Since our decision to become debt free , going to see a movie became another treat . Checking to see what movies were showing , turned out to be rather disappointing . It costs so much now that I often wonder how families are able to afford it nowadays and there really isn't anything worth that amount to see . 

We ended up choosing Maleficent with Angelina Jolie . I was shocked a bit in the beginning to see her in a role as this one . She looked so stern , so evil and frightening . The story line is another twist to an old time favorite Sleeping Beauty . 

I did enjoy the movie , because like in all fairy tales , there is  a moral and it was a good one . In fact , there were several one could discuss afterwards with their children . A little frightening , maybe , but a great discussion afterwards . 

The day itself , turned out to be more leisurely spent than I expected . Even though , there was a lot to do  ( still worked out , housework and cooked ) none of it was done in a rushed tempo . 

A little sad my vacay was coming to an end , but it still was a great day . 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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