Day Ten

Dear Diary ,

Today is the last day of my vacation , so I'm a little sad . It's always hard to go back to work , the longer we are off , the harder it is to get back to normal . 

I wanted today to be special . Since my schedule change at work , there are no dinners together or an evening spent watching a favorite show . We may have gone our separate ways during the day , but dinner was a family affair . The television would be turned off and so was the phone . We would chat about our day and I could see that Emily missed it very much .

For our last day , I planned a dinner of salmon , which we always make on special occasions . Fresh salmon is not cheap , but since this vacay has been about treating ourselves  , why not ?

Afterwards , we brought down board games off the shelf and even partook in video games . Emily's favorite games of Monopoly and Minecraft were some of the games we indulged in . 

We ended the day with a Lifetime movie and my famous elliptical machine .That , my friends , concluded the end of my vacation . 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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