Questions Anyone ?

Here are more frequently asked questions :

1. What is " couch day " and " table day " mean ? 
People hear Emily and myself often make that reference . It refers to our meals . Emily has this desire to sit down at the table and eat supper with no television or any other electronics . Supper is to be family time and we are to behave as the family on " Full House ". 

Now that my children are grown , I prefer the leisure part of my life . I want to eat on the couch watching a favorite show once in a while , maybe  not even cook . 

Believe it or not , we actually had a blown out argument over this very subject , so a compromise was made . We alternate the days now ( don't laugh ) , one day is couch day and the next is table and so on .

2. Is Emily your only child ? 
This is funny . I have an older son , Joseph , who is married with two children  . I write about my daily life with cancer and trying to make sense of this journey that I'm on . Since he lives in Springfield we do not see each other on a daily basis . My stories are more based on my life here with Emily and the things we encounter as we co-habit  together . 

3. Which of the three treatments was the worst ? 
Honestly , this is very difficult to answer . I have had three treatments , but four types of chemo . Each type of chemo has the basic side effects such as nausea , metal mouth , fatigue etc . It also features a major side effect that only pertains  to that type of chemo  such as a low immune system , lowering of your blood count , affecting your heart/blood pressure , even sores  .  

Every treatment can have it's drawbacks , especially when they persist long term . So we experience nausea ( for instance ) every single day for what seems like a lifetime . Linda , has had chemo for a couple of years now  . Can you imagine  not being able to taste food in their natural flavors for that long ? How about diarrhea , constipation , baldness , tingling numbness in your feet and hands ? 

If I had to choose , I would select my last treatment as the most  intolerable . I experienced the sores all over my body , especially all the sensitive areas such as armpits , bottom of your feet etc . I chose to work during that time , which made it worse for me . My skin turned dark , looking as if I needed a bath . To this day , my skin is still dark in some areas . 

I hope this provides a small window into our lives and answers some of the questions you may have . 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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