The 100 Day Project: Day 40 Of Writing

                                                                  Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                  everyday is a journey.

Take Thy hand, and fears grow still;
    Behold Thy face, and doubts remove;
  Who would not yield his wavering will
    To perfect Truth and boundless Love?

In what room do you spend the most hours in your home?

I was reading an article the other day that asked that very question. We seem to decorate our homes based not on our needs, but the general public. Almost every home has a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. There may be others, but these are the basics. We decorate the living room based on what we think should be in one. A couch, an entertainment center, a chair and a cocktail table. That's in every living room out there.

Now, I thought about that question all day at work. I am a person who believes in simplicity, so the idea of all these rooms seems silly to me. We have a very moderate sized apartment. Nothing too big, same amount of rooms like the one before. The only difference here are the sizes of the rooms. They are much bigger. If I was by myself, I would never take this place.

In what room do you spend the most hours in? Honestly? I rarely go into my living room. You will see me there for about an hour or two right after supper on the weekends. That's where we gather to spend family time. Emily is in there all the time. I find she prefers to do her quiet time in there and she actually plays games. In fact, Diamond always gets upset whenever I go in there with them, because it is mostly "their" living room.

The one room that I practically live in happens to be my bedroom. I do my writing, my crocheting, sleeping. The list is endless! If I could organize any room, it would be this one. I have been thinking of doing just that. A little paint and maybe even moving the furniture around will make it look a bit better. Sort of refresh it. I've never really lived in a modern place or one that has been immaculately remodeled. It always has been quite the opposite. My next place, wherever that may be, I would like it to be very nice. New everything, even the furniture. Just once?

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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