Day 44 Of Writing: Cancer And The Port

                                                   Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Where our Captain bids us go,
'T is not ours to murmur, "No,"
He that gives the sword and shield,
Chooses too the battle-field
On which we are to fight the foe.

What is a port? Well, a port is a medical appliance that is placed beneath your skin. They place it beneath the collarbone area. It is used during chemotherapy treatment to administer the infusion without having to use your veins. Chemo damages your veins, especially if administered directly with an IV. 

The port I have now is my second one since my diagnosis. I took my first one out as soon as I went into remission back in 2007. Silly move on my part, but I honestly thought I was done with cancer. I mean, I had it and beat it. That was my thinking back then. 

It was soon apparent that it would become my life. When they placed another port, it could not go into the same spot as the other one. Scar tissue formed in that area. Finally, they found a spot right above the previous and were able to fit a port there. 

Many people ask me why I don't just take out this one, too. Well, my cancer keeps coming back and I don't cherish the thought of constantly having to go through this procedure. Besides, the scar tissue forming is a concern. If I run out of places on my right side, they will have to place it on my left. I don't like the idea of my port being right above my heart. Silly, I know.

The big problem with this port is the constant flushing it requires (once every three months). It's a problem, because the only nurses that have no qualms about doing it are the chemo ones. Every other nurse whenever I remind them about the flushing forgets to do it. My personal opinion is that they are not comfortable performing this task. The needle used to penetrate resembles a hook more than an ordinary tip. It has to be inserted with a bit of force. Not very pleasant for the patient, but I have learned to take a deep breath right before. 

It is an adventure whenever I go to my oncologist. Sometimes, I get it flushed and sometimes I don't. It's been like this all these years and nothing bad has happened yet. My next flushing will take in August. . . hopefully.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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