Day 49 Of Writing : Vacation On A Budget

                                              Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey. 

Within! within, oh turn
Thy spirit's eyes, and learn
Thy wandering senses gently to control;
Thy dearest Friend dwells deep within thy soul,
And asks thyself of thee,
That heart, and mind, and sense, He may make whole
In perfect harmony.

One may think that just because we are on a weekend getaway, that we spent a bit of money. Not true. Remember, we have a goal that we set for this year. That didn't go out the window just because we are at a weekend getaway. We did plan this accordingly.

For one thing, we compared prices at the various hotels out there. We looked if they offered a breakfast and if their rooms had a microwave/ refrigerator. We looked to see what was in the neighborhood surrounding the motel. Were there any restaurants or grocery stores? Once when we went to Florida, we had a grocery store a few blocks away. We bought groceries and made our own meals. A grocery store nearby can be a huge advantage.

We opted for two separate rooms right next to each other with a connecting door. It was actually cheaper to do it that way rather than going for a suite. It is more money if one goes on a Holiday weekend. Also, if you paid for the rooms right away, you could save a few dollars.

We allowed ourselves one night for ordering pizza in and the rest of the stay, we brought our own food. We used the gift cards that we received for Christmas to buy the food. We also had a gift card to Olive Garden that we were saving for our last day. We even brought our own coffee and tea. 

Overall, our trip was incredibly cost efficient for two people. One can still enjoy themselves and have a wonderful trip without having to spend tons of money. It is so easy to dish out money left and right just because one is on vacation. That's what we tell ourselves to justify our action, but then we come home and reality sets in. Some may call us cheap, but honey, I rather be called that than poor. 

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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