It seems lately that whatever social media you click into , everyone is stating their " resolutions " for the coming year . I  personally , don't make " resolutions " . I have goals that I set for the coming year that are realistic goals I can accomplish .

That may involve " being closer to my family " or " setting my finances in order " , things like that in nature . So , as this year comes to an end , I find myself thinking about the goals I want to set for 2013 .

What am I searching for ? What do I hope to accomplish ? No matter what I come up with , it's all centered on one percept . There is nothing more that I want than peace within my heart . I want to be tranquil emotionally , physically and spiritually . How do I attain that ? I want to spend this year finding out .

Does that mean that I give up all my projects that I've been involved in this past year to make room for all the new things that will be entering my life ? Absolutely not , because I feel that these projects are only the beginning . It might also be another extension on where I want to go this new year .

I am not defined in one particular way . . . I am alot of things rolled into one being . I want to spend this year exploring a deeper side to what God destined me to be . So here we go and let's get started .
Have a Blessed Year everyone .


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