The Soup Lady

                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

I love soup! I think I could live on just soup, bread and potatoes. In my dream world (lol). Since Emily is such a great cook, people often tease me wondering what will I be eating after she leaves me.Well, I can be honest that anything quick and easy and microwavable will be my favorite thing, basically soup.

Soup is more than just a stable to me. It represents my childhood with my mother  where soup was a regular attender at our dinner table. She makes the best cream soups I've ever tasted . . . . hearty, full of flavor and piping hot!

It was soup that brought me back to life eight years ago when my weight dropped around to a hundred pounds. The chemotherapy plus all the medication I was on affected my taste buds. Nothing tasted good to me. My mother would make a fresh pot of soup for me every single day to lure my appetite back to normalcy. I would sip small shots of soup every few hours. It worked. Just look at my weight now. 

Soup holds so many beneficial elements such as one can make soup out of anything. Just look at French Onion. When someone is not feeling well, soup somehow hits the right spot. On a cold winter day, nothing warms the soul faster than a piping bowl of your favorite dish. 

Soup is comfort food that can be traced back to our grandmother's grandmother. Everyone has a great family recipe for chicken noodle or black bean or potato. Whichever one is your favorite, I bet there is a story behind it. A memory that warms your heart and brings a smile to your face. So what is your favorite soup?

Have a blessed day everyone.


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