The Missing Stovetop

                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.
 It was the last day of my Thanksgiving vacation, Emily and I sat down to supper of vegetable barley soup. Out of nowhere, the carbon monoxide alarm goes off. I wasn't very concerned at first, since I happen to know we have to press the reset button in case it is just a false alarm. 

Did just that and sat down to my vegetable barley soup once again. After a few minutes, it goes off again. This time, I was concerned and decided to call the fire department to come out and check. 

Bundling up, we go outside to wait, Emily taking Diamond into our car so she isn't scared of the sirens. First, let me tell you that the firemen  are in great physical shape no matter what age group they fall in just like the two that showed up.

The alarm stopped going off, so they were very perplexed as to what was going on. Their readings were picking up carbon monoxide, not enough to make us sick, but enough to show concern. Somewhere in our little apartment there was a leakage whether that was from the furnace, stove or oven. 

Better equipment was needed so they called Nicor to come out and check. Nicor arrived like in a blink of an eye (good to know) and immediately discovered the culprit. . . .it was the stove top. They turned off the gas for safety and tagged it for the landlord.

In the end, we ended up with a new stove top (look above) and a few knowledgeable lessons. 
 1. It's good to know our monitors were working, but we should regularly check them or change their batteries.
2. It's also good to know how quickly the Fire Department and Gas Company came out in an emergency.
3. We both realized how much we actually need a stove. We cook on a regular basis so there are no fast foods, canned goods or out of a box meals in our kitchen. Plus, no microwave.
4. Here we were at the end of our five day weekend, a fabulous weekend, and all that stayed with us for that week was this messy episode. Isn't that something?

 That was the finale to our Thanksgiving weekend, thank goodness it didn't end with a bang! When I got into my car the very next day, there were tiny muddy paw prints all over my dashboard. Hmmm, Diamond!!!!

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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